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  1. […] here: Creating Loyalty among Infrequent Customers « Distributed Marketing ← Infinera Appoints Vice President of Corporate Marketing … Storage devices promise […]

  2. […] http://distributedmarketing.org/2011/06/03/creating-loyalty-among-infrequent-customers/ This entry was posted in Blog Posts, Public Relations. Bookmark the permalink. […]

  3. […] Catchy title.  Why click on a link with a dull title when you could click on one that sounds cool? The one that worked best for me personally was, Who Owns Your LinkedIn Profile?  (Hint: It might not be you.)  Others that have done relatively well included 70-year Old Grandmother Fights Porn Download Charge, John Lennon and the Copyright Troll and Led Zeppelin’s Social Media Compliance Lessons. That said, one of the highest scoring blog posts I’ve ever written, was submitted with the not-so-catchy title, Building Loyalty Among Infrequent Customers: A Casket Salesman’s Story. […]

  4. […] is getting those consumers who are infrequent or on the fence about a certain brand. An article in Distributed Marketing explains how message delivery, specifically message consistency, multi-channel delivery, customer […]

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