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  1. Sarah @ Healthy Marketing Ideas November 17, 2011 at 11:37 am | | Reply

    I loved hearing Paul Harvey – particularly his delivery on the radio. And in his inimitable Paul Harvey way he got down to the crux of the issue in 3 simple steps.

    I applaud you pointing out that multichannel marketing doesn’t have to be so broken up into siloed tools and messages – hence the complexity. But boy is is a necessity! It makes your business 3-dimensional and gives your business a safety net. And bottom line, it boosts response.

    I’ve written about how multichannel marketing boosts business with some farming lore mixed in right here: http://blog.healthymarketingideas.com/2011/11/diversify-or-die-a-dire-multichannel-marketing-lesson-from-the-farm/

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