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  1. Mark Simchock March 23, 2012 at 7:05 am | | Reply

    Good morning David. Thanks for sharing.

    – On the positive:

    “Sure, they’ll ‘like’ a brand’s Facebook page in order to enter a contest or earn a discount, but a mouse click is hardly a relationship.”

    Spot on. Brands need to realize that a Like is not about them. It’s a simple click that allows the clicker to say something about themselves. To give a Like any more significance than that is foolish at best. Thank you. Whenever I say similar the “social media gurus” counter with daggers in their eyes.

    – On the other side:

    “4 – Build measurement into the process”

    Yes, true. But before that you have to define why your company is going to use social media; how that’s going to be measured; and what defines success. Perhaps this was implied? Forgive me. I’m certain 99% of all brands are expected by their Guests to have some sort of social media presence. The question is: how much and to accomplish what?

    Often it seems that oodles of brands approach social media as some sort of panacea. That it’s going to be the magic bullet that propels the brand into the business/marketing hall of fame of all times greats. Eventually reality sets in. That is, social media is a process and a means and not an ends.

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