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  1. […] means. But online is not a one size fits all model. With online marketing, there is social media (and each social media network has its own distinct feel), email marketing, search engine marketing and optimization, and a website/microsite presence. […]

  2. […] are more technologically savvy and becoming more and more aware. In my recent article, “Who Will You Find on a Social Network?“, I noted that 57% of 50-64 year olds use Facebook, and 35% of those 65+ use Facebook. Expect […]

  3. […] portion of their target market somewhere in the social media space. Last month, I wrote “Who Will You Find on a Social Network?“, which was an analysis of the recent Pew Center Internet & American Life Project data. […]

  4. […] Social media marketing is a key element in this. Mostly every brand has a target market that can be found in social media. It is a matter of using the right networks and the right communication tactics to increase market […]

  5. […] now, there should be little doubt regarding the pervasiveness of social media. We’ve shared statistics on social media multiple times in the last year in this space, and […]

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